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Getting Messages to work between iOS and Messages on the Mac under Mountain Lion

Written By: Eric - Jul• 26•12

While I’m down in Nags Head communing with the ocean I made sure to brin an extra laptop with me just incase ML was released… Good thing I did.  One of the awaited features in 10.8 was the ability to coordinate iMessages between iPhone, iPad, and OS X computer.  I was sitting here playing with it with my cousin and we couldn’t get it to work as described.  Messages would work as it did before the update, but the laptops would not get messages sent to a phone number account and a conversation started on one device wouldn’t be reflected on the other devices to be continued anywhere your credentials are available.  We searched around and found several suggestions, but eventually this thread on the Apple discussion boards got us up and running:

To keep you from having to go to the link, here are the steps:

  1. Deactivate imessage on your Messages app on Mac… Quit the app
  2. Turn off imessage on your iDevice (phone)
  3. Soft reset phone *home button and power button*
  4. Turn imessage back on on iphone
  5. Launch messages on mac
  6. Turn imessage back on in messages (activate)

Once this was all done, message threads cross-populated and messages sent to either an Apple ID or to the phone number of the recipient were received on all devices.  

The real question is, does Apple really expect non-technical users to hunt down this information on their help forums and complete this process?  I have a feeling the Genius Bar will be busy over the next month or so getting this up and running properly







Having a great time at the beach

Written By: Eric - Jul• 23•12

Day 3 at the beach and all is going great.  I spent Saturday and part of Sunday helping Uncle Mike get some things fixed around the beach house.  Screen rollers, bathroom door locks, and replacing a couple of thermostats were all successfully managed with plenty of time to spare for boogie boarding with the kids, a shopping trip to Kitty Hawk Kites, and dinner out a a great fish place in Wanchese.  Here is a look at the ocean off the deck of the house.

Beach off Nags Head
Its out to dinner again tonight… More pics and accounts to come.

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-13

Written By: Eric - Jun• 13•12
  • Just got done watching wwdc keynote. Tim did an amazing job getting some great products together. #wwdc #

Kyle DeFoor Tactical Carbine Class

Written By: Eric - May• 27•12

One of my buddies from Aurora Sportsmen’s Club asked me to be a range safety officer for his Kyle Defoor tactical carbine class yesterday. I learned alot from Kyle even though I didn’t shoot the class.


Twitter Updates for 2012-05-17

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Twitter Updates for 2012-05-16

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Twitter Updates for 2012-05-14

Written By: Eric - May• 14•12

Twitter handle change

Written By: Eric - May• 13•12

I’ve been made an offer for the @omni twitter handle that I couldn’t refuse from someone in the UK who is starting a commercial enterprise and felt they could make use of the domain so I’ve sold it.

From now on you can get my personal tweets at @virtualomni and my professional tweets at @edttw .

Shoot me a message if you have any question, otherwise please follow me at my new twitter handle.


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Twitter Updates for 2012-05-10

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